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Fixed Wing Ultralights

The SKYRANGER, exceptional French ultralight, has been for several years now the most sold ultralight in the world.

There are many reasons for this exceptional succes:

Optimum safety

Visibility and Comfort

Speedrange : 50 à 165 km/h

this aircraft for who we are the importer in the indian ocean zone has been due to its exceptional capabilities the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD in its category .

The technical capabilities of the Ultralight and our experience in the field makes it possible to consider the installation of new structures on the globe.

We are able to meet all your needs for the installation of ultralight landing strips and hangars in France or abroad: Sale of material, Training of the people who will ensure the management of this activity, permanent technical guidance to ensure the continuity of the activity.

The low cost of purchase and maintenance of the ULM makes it an ideal tool for the replacement of conventional air and terrestrial work.

We remain fully at your disposal for any study or further information which you will consider useful.

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