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Ultra Léger Motorisé (Which means : Ultralight or Microlight).

Two: 1 pilot and 1 passenger.

No, a child counts as an adult. Moreover, to stay in the category microlight with regard to the authorities and to continue to respect the manufacturer’s rules regarding the use the airplane, it is necessary to limit the weight, and the number of people on board.

There is no real age limit. The child can leave whenever he expressed his desire and he feels capable of remaining alone with the pilot for a certain duration. In general, children begin to show interest at anything that flies at the age of 4.

A duo flight is to take off with 2 aircraft at the same time so that people can fly simultaneously, thus reducing the waiting time and allows the possibility to take pictures of each other while flying.

We have several aircraft and we usually arrange ourselves to leave people in the same group and fly simultaneously. In case we do not have enough aircraft available, we propose several simultaneous departures but shifted (for example, in the case of a group of 8 people: 4 people start at 8 am and the 4 others as soon as we return from the first flight).

It depends a little on which circuit you fly and the maximum altitude attained during the flight but generally, we recommend closed shoes, socks, pants, sweater and rain coat (for wind protection).

The weather in La Reunion is quite uncertain. Indeed, the island enjoys microclimates, so it can rain in the East while the sun is high in the West. The weather forecasts are reliable but can vary quite quickly in a short time. Hence our interests to put all chances on your side and fly the circuits early in the morning, when the weather is most favorable.

In case of bad weather, the circuit is either modified according to the sites that remain visible (indeed, it is rare that the entire island benefits from bad weather) or postponed to another day or, if not neither the first solution nor the second are possible, simply cancelled. For information, in case of doubts about the weather above areas not visible from St. Paul, we can inform ourselves from the information on various Webcams situated on strategic points of the island.

You can pay in cash, French checks (also from mainland France) or bank card (we also accept the French “chèques vacances“).

The services are available seven days a week, Sundays and holidays included. The flights are only in the morning (on reservation) because of weather conditions but we provide a hotline from 6 o'clock in the morning to 21 o'clock in the evening.

An ultralight does not have the same margins as a helicopter that has the power of vertical flight. « Le Trou de Fer » is not wide enough to allow us to turn within; we actually fly in a circle above it, which allows for a beautiful global view on this site. We also respect safety rules during the flight which obliges us to maintain at a certain altitude.

The Fixed Wing Ultra light can be compared to a car because it has a windshield and doors and the pilot and passenger sit side by side while the weight shift trike may be compared to a bike with very little fairing and a sitting position behind the pilot. The Fixed Wing Ultralight is more comfortable and highly recommended for films or photos while a weight shift trike is appreciated by people who are more into the thrill of sensation.

Reservations can be made until the day before but to be sure to have a good time slot, we recommend booking 8 to 15 days before the date chosen for the flight.

No. We take reservations mostly for flights in the morning because the weather is better this time. Often the afternoon, except under exceptional circumstances, we can not perform the "Lagoon" or "Discovery Flight."

Absolutely not, everyone can perform this service, individuals and professionals.

No. All you need is equipment for taking pictures or film, even basic equipment will do.

No. No additional charge will be applied.

Yes, of course. It is even highly recommended!

This is just to show the difference between a tourist overflight and aerial work.

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